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Women in Construction week celebrates and recognizes the great initiatives and hard work of all the women in the Construction Industry. GMF Steel Group is very appreciative of our female team members who have taken the steps to be an active member in construction and encourage other women to do the same.

Kelly Ceci, our Production/BIM Engineer, states, “I love the construction industry because of the idea of learning something new. There is always room for improvement, and I know I can find more innovative methods to implement in my daily tasks.” Kelly works to ensure the Fabrication Plant is on schedule and completes the programming for the machines—including optimization for an excellent product.

“It is a unique thing to be able to see a physical display of your hard work. I get a sense of pride every time I look at a skyline and get to tell my children, ‘GMF built that,’” Lisa Strickland, GMF’s Corporate Controller says. Lisa has been with GMF for six years and now oversees the Accounting Department and our financials. She believes the construction industry is great because she plays a role in building her community!

Luciana Castro encourages any women who have an interest in the construction industry to join. She finds it inspiring how many females now have careers in construction and think they bring in a completely different perspective. Luciana is an Estimating Engineer who has been with GMF since June 2022. She says, “The thing I love the most about working in construction is the product is very complex, yet everyone has a role to accomplish the end goal. You see the progress and how your work had an impact.”

“I like being in this industry because it is so fast paced, and I know how to keep up. I can drive a forklift as well as anyone else in the Plant,” shares Megan Patton, our Plant Engineer III. In the shop, Megan performs quality control inspections and runs the machines. She is also learning programming.

Skylin Goodman, GMF’s Marketing Coordinator, explains, “This industry is everlasting. Now, women want to be just as successful as men. Working in construction gives them the opportunity to never hit a glass ceiling and reach heights like no other industry.” Skylin has roles in Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Guest Relations, and Bid Coordination.

“I feel that women should be encouraged to pursue their passions. It is exciting to be a part of setting an example of females in the industry,” Maria Gonzalez, our Virtual Construction Engineer states. “When I see our women Apprentices on active job sites, I am reminded we have a place in construction, as well.” Each day, Maria has a steel tracking process that lists what pieces of steel have been inspected or erected. She also builds the model of each play book for new projects!

Rachel Hall has been with GMF for five years and now supervises younger accountants as our Accounting Manager. “I love the time that has been invested in me so I can learn a new industry and start from the bottom to work my way up as high as I would like to go,” she says.
GMF Steel Group is very appreciative of our female team members who have taken the steps to be an active member in construction and encourage other women to do the same.

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